Sunny November

As November arrives, we can all feel the chill in the air after a long, hot summer. But don't worry, we've got you covered! At Reward Your Skin, we're always looking for creative ways to stay warm and cozy.

In fact, we've discovered the wonders of aromatherapy to keep you calm and relaxed while others shiver in the cold. During the summer, our Wakame Spearmint soap was the perfect solution for staying cool and refreshed. But as the temperatures drop, we recommend trying our products with Rosemary, Clove and YlangYlang essential oil, to create a warm and relaxing bath, like a comforting blanket for your body.

We've also curated new bundles and gift sets to help you stay warm and cozy during the coldest of the cold. And if you're looking for some fun holiday events, join us for our Body Love Workshop in Cloverdale on November 19th or drop by the Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver on December 17th.

If you live in the West End, we've got you covered too! We're collaborating with Refill Road | Zero Waste 921 Davie Street, Pop in and don't forget to brung your own container
She carries everything from Organic laundry soap to Bath Fizzes
Stay warm and cozy this November with Reward Your Skin

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